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5 min readDec 20, 2021

We’re excited to announce our first special mint event called “Treasures Hunters”. In this important event of the ecosystem, users will be able to go in search of the special ship and pirate of the season. This will be a collectible of an incredible value since it will only have a supply of 10 NFT, in addition these have the ability to be immune to the damage of the Kraken Attack,
this means these NFT’s are indestructible.

These unique collectibles will have a rarity of 6 so in the case of pirates will have a Plunder Power of 300 and in the case of ships can carry up to 6 pirates, collectibles don’t need contracts.

These unique NFT will be displayed in the Pirates World museum in The Sandbox metaverse thanks to the collaboration of Meta 17:17.

Also in the near future users will be able to sell these collectibles in any of the NFT markets associated to the ecosystem, one of them being the BakerySwap market.

The Silence of Souls

The Silence of Souls — Collectible Ship of the Sea of Treasure Season

At the fall of the sun and the arrival of silence, a thick fog is enacted over the waters. The thunderous sound of the cannons is heard announcing that something is coming, creaks of an old wood are noticed between the stern and the bow as the mast is discovered greeting the night with eyes eager to hunt, floating cautiously, on board footsteps are heard but nothing is seen, nothing is felt, a strange spectral wind seems to give movement. With force it drags the seas and in the battles it always dominates.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker — Collectible Pirate of the Sea of Treasure Season

He drags cold chains on the planks of a ship that seems to rock on the waters of the CryptoSea, around a thick fog that hides the screams of the souls he snatched with his two sharp sabers. The flesh they touch envelops him in a perpetual curse. Within bones and spines lives what were once fractals of memories reflecting glimpses of light animating a faded spectral figure. With an army of the undead possessed by a relentless desire to covet all the $RGOLD in existence.

How does this event work?

The event in search of the special ship and pirate of the first season (Sea of Treasures), will allow users to get one of the unique NFT within the Pirates World ecosystem.

Both the ship and the pirate have only a supply of 10, i.e. there will be a maximum of 10 NFT of this unique ship, as well as 10 NFT of the unique pirate.

In order to participate in this event you will have to pay an amount of $15 USD in BNB and an amount of 25 RGOLD fixed tokens for each mint you make.

Each mint has a 1% chance to give you the unique NFT, in case you don’t get the unique NFT, the contract will send you to the normal mint function and you will be able to generate a NFT according to the defined rarity percentage.

Note: It is worth noting that each mint is a totally unique event that does not depend on other events, this means that if you mint 100 times you will not necessarily get the pirate or the special ship.

This mint process is totally transparent, as the Smart Contracts are using Chainlink’s VRF technology.

Note: For more information about the table of NFT possibilities, go to the whitepaper.

This amount of BNB and RGOLD will go directly to the biggest treasure of the 7 seas, the Kraken’s Vault, which will store the RGOLD and BNB for when it is necessary to use them within the game ecosystem.

Kraken Vault

In the depths of the seabed the best kept treasure of the Crypto world hides, something that cannot be compared to anything known to pirates, protected by someone who makes a living collecting and minting ships and $RGOLD.

After the fall of Ibargues, some investigations suggested that this space existed and in fact it was not a story, however, the only thing that is known is that only they were aware of who and what awaited in the depths. Some speculators express themselves, saying that the fortune that is deposited is not comparable to the entire $RGOLD of the entire surface and that billions of stories are present there. In the documents that were obtained after the “Revolution of the urns” it says the following: “ There, where the moon cannot shine, lives a collector of dreams and ships” In a somewhat old handwriting and a very fine papyrus preserved something torn.

In history few are the pirates who have dared to search for the mysterious place and of all of them no one has returned with results… or alive.

The Pirates World ecosystem will have a liquidity vault which will accumulate resources from the events carried out in the game. This aims to have an extra resource that can be injected into the reward pool or make a buy back when there are cataclysmic events in the Crypto Sea (Crypto Market).

About Pirates World: Sea Treasure

Pirates World: Sea of Treasure is an NFT game with an oracle-based economy, in which players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world.

Each player will be able to strategically create their crews, for this it will be necessary to mint pirates and ships, which will have a level of rarity that will give advantages in the expeditions to the 7 oceans.

Pirates World has high standards of integration to the different markets of NFT collectibles, so every NFT you have can be sold directly in the internal market as well as in the markets of the associated partners.

The expeditions you will face will be challenging, you will fight battles with bosses on the islands and at sea you will meet the Kraken who will be in charge of destroying your ships.

The Pirates World ecosystem will also feature special events such as the Guild War that will allow you to earn large amounts of RGOLD for your crew, you can also go in search of the pirate and the unique ship of each season through a special minting event.

Pirates World also wants to integrate to its ecosystem all possible metaverses, so you will find NFT collectibles museums soon in The Sandbox Metaverse.

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Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.