Interface Elements, Ships and Pirates NFT.

The Pirates World Creative Team is on a mission to provide all of our users with an immersive and rewarding experience in the world of pirates.

Thomas, our creative director, has been in charge of bringing every aspect of the game to life through amazing stories.

Beyond wanting to be an NFT game based on an oracle economy, we want to be the best pirate game out there on the Binance Smart Chain, being a high exponent of what blockchain and oracle technologies are in terms of sustainable economies over time.

In our main interface you will be able to see the rarest ship you have in your inventory. So if you have a Flying Dutchman or a Rising Sun, it will be displayed in the main interface of the game.

In the navbar you will have information about the number of pirates and ships available. You will have a section to see the “Grog” that will be necessary encouragement to your pirates in our fleet system that will be implemented in version 1.1. Also, you will have a quick access to buy RGOLD.

In the same way, you can have quick access to your section on ships and pirates at the helm that is located at the base of the interface.

The rudder will turn where you move the mouse, giving the feeling that you are sailing the 7 seas.

When your crew is on an expedition you will see the rarest ship sailing (Video) in the main interface. Example:

The ships and pirates section has been carefully designed to provide users with an eye-catching and easy-to-use interface.

You will have a total of 16 ships per page (remember in the version 1.0 you can only own 10 boats), which you will be able to change in the number of pages on the right side of the interface.

In it, you will be able to see the information of each ship, such as its rarity level which is written in skulls, the name of the ship and its frame that characterizes it.

For the mining of each ship or pirate, you will need an amount of $20 in RGOLD that will be controlled by the kraken oracle. This system is powered by Chainlink’s VRF technology, ensuring that the minting process is completely transparent.

My Ships

Ships NFT in Pirates World

Ships will allow the transport of our pirates to new islands where they will gain better rewards depending on the Plunder Power acquired.

These ships when minted will obtain a level of rarity that will define the number of pirates that we can transport in our expeditions. Each player will have a maximum limit of 10 ships in their crew.

The Flying Dutchman

Rarity: 5

Number of pirates the ship can carry: 5

Witness story: Until at last I could discern between the thick mist like a ghostly bow that split our boat in two, it was the prisoner of souls, it is the ship from which you cannot escape, condemned by God, for its daring, it wanders eternally in the seas without being able to even step on land, there are only two options, you join this one, or you perish… 1000 years ago and it is still there, prowling the oceans…

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Rarity: 4

Number of pirates the ship can carry: 4

Witness story: Breaking the waves with its 30 meters of length, they see it coming with terror those merchants who dare to cross its territory, always haughty and without hesitation its captain commands to sound the 20 cannon blasts, the boarding was too fast, — Come with me, blood and gold await you!!!! was the last thing I heard after the salt water seeped through my veins.

John “Black Bart” Roberts

Rarity: 3

Number of pirates the ship can carry: 3

Witness story: After the ambush ceased, we could not count the dead, but I knew that there were still corsairs missing, I managed to spot them, although decimated their morale was still intact, then I heard him: “Since I have already sunk my hands in the murky but fascinating water of piracy, I accept the position because it is always more honorable to be a pirate commander than a simple common man”, then I dropped my musket and now I wield a sword.

The Rising Sun

Rarity: 2

Number of pirates the ship can carry: 2

Witness story: It only leaves fire in its wake, for the first time I saw the water burn, 36 mouths spitting fire and consuming everything, we have nothing left, they have taken everything, food, drink, coins, and our lives, it is the fire demon of which you only remember ashes, I only hope that someone good will offer a few coins to remove these chains from me.

The Fancy

Rarity: 1

Number of pirates the ship can carry: 1

Witness story: The cannons and the 400 riflemen on board were not enough to defend the greatest treasure of the planet, with a single cannon shot they shattered our 12 meter mast, it was so much plunder that even my rifle has been taken, I can not tell what happened those days of horror of those who were there, I can only say that its captain is now “the most wanted”.

Pirates NFT in Pirates World

Pirates are our main plunder force who venture in search of the great treasure $RGOLD through the vast ocean, each pirate will also need to be maintained on the Guild by using Crews.

Once we have minted the pirates for our crew, these will have vast differences depending on their rarity, find the greatest pirates, and boost your profits to new oceans!

Pirates can be thrown overboard (burned) which will give 20% of the mint cost back to the player paid in $RGOLD.

Pirate rarity 5

Few have had the opportunity to witness the might of the king of the seas and few have survived to tell the tale.

-That day, the waves beat furiously against my ship that seemed insignificant, before the power of the seven seas in a moment, that light blinded me and all my crew, I was one of the eyes of that terrible monster, there I knew the real fear, what do I say, the terror. What was my ambition that I was not going to let go of the booty I had obtained, it seemed that it was my end and that of all my men. When the storm ceased and the seas calmed once more, letting the ship’s mast rest, my crew wept, naming the creature of piety. I didn’t — I didn’t — that creature took something else that day that I can never get back besides my leg. Let them talk all they want, merciful? It didn’t let us live, it killed us alive.

Pirate rarity 4

A fierce, bold and very ambitious pirate.

All my life I was a bandit, when I met the sea, he invited me to become a professional bandit. I passed hard trials and defeated all my enemies to get here. I think, if I had met my mother, she would be proud of me, what more comfort than pylons and pylons of gold? Nothing more comforting in a morning than to leave with your ship empty and come home full of those valuable $RGOLD’s, I have nothing more to say, if at any time I meet that fanciful creature my captain talks so much about, I will not hesitate to finish it off with my bare hands!

Pirate rarity 3

A master-at-arms without equal.

In my tribe we have a saying. “Live to die, and die to live” From a young age I was trained by the tribal elders and the most skilled weapons masters. I know the 7 seas like the back of my hand. I am guided by the will of my warrior spirit and the map that is drawn on the great celestial vault. Like everyone else, I love the glitter of $RGOLD coins. My dream? To meet and worship my beloved goddess in person.

Pirate rarity 2

The 7 seas occasionally are ravenous for souls and some careless pirates get lost on the way, falling many times in madness.

His meals are known and smelled from east to west. He is a creative master lover of good food. “Food is the fundamental fuel for every exploration” and this pirate knows this very well. Have you ever heard of mermaids? Tell me more about them, my dream has always been to cook for a mermaid! or cook mermaids? I don’t know, I’ve been trapped in the dawn of the ocean for so long, I can’t tell reality from fantasy anymore. If possible, I would eat $RGOLD but our weak bodies wouldn’t take it… $RGOLD stew? “Yar.”

Pirate rarity 1

They say that ambition is a double-edged sword, this pirate does not know how to distinguish between one and the other.

There is only one thing in this world that moves me and it is not love, power or knowledge, Fortuna, Fortuna! The soft brush of coins in my hands. I would be willing to clean the bow and stern for a date alone with that precious $RGOLD, I would never think of spending it, my love for minting and minting is greater than any possible ambition to have something different in my hands and if that creature of fairy tales comes to steal my gold, I will have no choice but to fight to the death!

About Pirates World: Sea Treasure

About Pirates World: Sea Treasure

Pirates World: Sea of Treasure is an NFT game with an oracle-based economy, in which players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world.

Each player will be able to strategically create their crews, for this it will be necessary to mint pirates and ships, which will have a level of rarity that will give advantages in the expeditions to the 7 oceans.

Pirates World has high standards of integration to the different markets of NFT collectibles, so every NFT you have can be sold directly in the internal market as well as in the markets of the associated partners.

The expeditions you will face will be challenging, you will fight battles with bosses on the islands and at sea you will meet the Kraken who will be in charge of destroying your ships.

The Pirates World ecosystem will also feature special events such as the Guild War that will allow you to earn large amounts of RGOLD for your crew, you can also go in search of the pirate and the unique ship of each season through a special mining event.

Pirates World also wants to integrate to its ecosystem all possible metaverses, so you will find NFT collectibles museums soon in The Sandbox Metaverse.

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Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.

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Pirates World

Pirates World

Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.

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