Pirates World Marketing 3.0: Lands

Good morning, pirate community.

As you can see, no longer a surprise to some of you, a very big spoiler has escaped us on dapp.com!

We want to take Pirates World to the next level; what will be the future of Marketing 3.0.

Our Lands System opens the way to new possibilities.

Being able to do NFTs with durability was born as an idea to control the reinvestment in the project, but then we asked ourselves: Why not take advantage of that and boost the project using this mechanism?

Due to the amount of repairs that are expected on a daily basis, there are key areas on our platform that will consume a lot of impression traffic: such as the advertising lands and the screen just before going to an advertising land.

So why not create an advertising system that allows us to index marketing campaigns from companies or projects, using this mechanism across our entire ecosystem, from C2E, GameFi Store, PVP, Kraken Games and Metaverse? Allowing companies to have their own skin of their brand running in Pirates World, on in-app advertisements while destroying other ships, in the Rarity 3 Lands, or in Launchpads dedicated exclusively to these brands. The idea is to take a good income for the project and use it to fuel player revenue as well as the growth of the project and its ecosystem.

As we have said before, a successful company is one that takes profits from the services it offers and uses them for its growth; and not one that takes money from the investors themselves to feed the pockets of other investors, where sooner or later one loses out.

It is time to show everyone that we are a different project and that we work under a realistic business model.

With all this said, the sale of our lands projects us in this digital world and it will be sooner than everyone thinks.

Visit the link below: https://lands.piratesworldnft.com

About Pirates World: Sea Of Treasure

One of the fundamental aspects of Pirates World is to conform a whole gamefi ecosystem through the web3 where users can make with their NFTs different experiences, from playing and earning rewards, sell collectibles or buy them, have fun with mini games like the Kraken Games, also being able to sell any kind of digital asset in our GameFi Store and that players are immersed in a completely decentralized Pirates World. The most ambitious stage of the project is to create a pirates metaverse on the Blockchain, where the player can do anything in his imagination, along with an economic system based on the real world.

The Pirates World ecosystem will be extensive as it will have special events such as Guild Wars as well as several different themed seasons per year where special ship and pirate minting events will be held with the possibility to get unique NFTs.

Also our Metaverse will have a land repair system called N.R.A.A.S. (NFT REPAIR AS A SERVICE), where owners will be able to offer NFT repair services to other users, generating passive income. In addition, marketing 3.0 will be implemented in different islands where there will be marketing spots, whether you are an influencer, youtuber or brand owner, your brand can be visible in our spots in the metaverse.

Also, these Lands will be a representation of the first steps in the Metaverse of Pirates World. In the future, in the Metaverse, users will be able to navigate and travel through the different islands, participate in Guild Wars, special events, PVP systems, trading, adventure mode and much more.

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Pirates World

Pirates World

Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.