Kraken, The Oracle in Pirates World.


The Kraken is in charge of wisely protecting and regulating the world’s economy. “He will not protect you from the CryptoSea or the dangers that dwell there.”

In the depths lives something that cannot be named or called, a creature like no other that men have labeled in many ways. It is believed that his whole body extends throughout the CryptoSea and that each tentacle supports a fundamental pillar of the world, dominating and embracing it all. The weather and the winds obey him and of the sea he is the king. It is also said that a simple movement can sink or lift entire ships, islands or the commerce of an entire civilization. Some attribute to him the cause of the last flood where the whole earth was, once again, one with the ocean.

Normally, he causes terror and respect in the hearts of humans, however, some native tribes (for some reason) pay tribute to his power and wisdom, cataloging him as a God, transformer and terraformer, hoping that someday he will lead them to a bright and prosperous tomorrow.

In the taverns there are whispers that only a group of adventurers, risky and thirsty for wealth, have come face to face with the mythical creature, they are called Pirates and are among the few who have been able to survive to tell the tale.

Protection of the Gaming Economy

We have seen how oracle technologies have helped to control the economics within NFT games, ensuring that they remain stable over long periods of time.

In consequence, we have decided to implement the Kraken oracle, which allows us to balance the $RGOLD payouts obtained through expeditions, as well as maintain a constant dollar based minting price regarding the $RGOLD price in the market.

Thanks to oracle technologies we can be sure that a balance will be maintained in the reward pool.

The Oracle in Pirates World

The oracles allow the economy of a game to balance around a set dollar value. In this way it is possible to bring a mathematical model to the NFT world, ensuring that the entry and exit price of the game are maintained at a perfect equilibrium that avoids a bleeding of the economy.

Pirates World has a limited supply of RGOLD tokens that can circulate in the economy, so it is necessary to avoid running out of tokens belonging to the reward pool if there is a large influx of players.

By using the kraken oracle we can keep the economy stable for long periods of time even at times when demand is high, caused by the release of new features or influx of new players.

Our Kraken Oracle will use Data Feed technology which works with geographically distributed, highly reputable and independent node operator networks to help ensure high reliability.

This data comes from multiple premium authenticated APIs that are aggregated into a validated response, eliminating any single point of failure.

Thanks to this we can maintain a constant mining price of each NFT based on a dollar rate in a safe and fail-safe way from centralized entities. Said fee will be $ 20 with a minimum change margin according to the variations of the oracle.

Chain data is easily verifiable and immutable giving users the ability to audit any data source in real time through multiple third-party interfaces.

The Kraken Attack

When the fleet system is implemented in Pirates World version 1.1, there will be a roll assigned for the amount of damage that the kraken will do to you, the maximum amount of damage it does to you will move in ranks, in this case the fleet will have a maximum resistance that will determine its use and will decrease until it can no longer be used, in this case it can not be sold or transferred, you will only be able to burn the NFT and a percentage will be returned to you in Royal Gold.

The resistance will be determined by the PP.

The Tentacles of the Kraken

CryptoSea keeps rich and fascinating mysteries, contained in various stories that are told by word of mouth, from tavern to tavern, the same as the natives and some well-known pirates, they know that the world lives in stability and prosperity because the Kraken, Kajun supports the world with his entire body.

Her limbs from him are lengthened throughout the CryptoSea. His eyes reflect gazes that show the windows of the past, present and future- “He knows it and he knows everything.”

When ships are hit by the inclemencies of the CryptoSea and the “whims of the goddess” he appears to plant order, only when necessary, spreading his tentacles to support the foundations of the world and stabilize life on earth in the event of a debacle. It is attribute to him that the world takes its course and its natural flow.

The Kraken Oracle will be in charge of controlling the Pirates World ecosystem in times of panic, activating a dynamic withdrawal fee that will vary until the market stabilizes and is deactivated. This in order to avoid emptying the reward pool in strong market movements.

Kraken Vault

In the depths of the seabed the best kept treasure of the Crypto world hides, something that cannot be compared to anything known to pirates, protected by someone who makes a living collecting and minting ships and $ RGOLD.

After the fall of Ibargues, some investigations suggested that this space existed and in fact it was not a story, however, the only thing that is known is that only they were aware of who and what awaited in the depths. Some speculators express themselves, saying that the fortune that is deposited is not comparable to the entire $ RGOLD of the entire surface and that billions of stories are present there. In the documents that were obtained after the “Revolution of the urns” it says the following: “ There, where the moon cannot shine, lives a collector of dreams and ships” In a somewhat old handwriting and a very fine papyrus preserved something torn.

In history few are the pirates who have dared to search for the mysterious place and of all of them no one has returned with results… or alive.

The Pirates World ecosystem will have a liquidity vault which will accumulate resources from the events carried out in the game. This aims to have an extra resource that can be injected into the reward pool when there are cataclysmic events in the Crypto Sea (Crypto Market).

About Pirates World: Sea Treasure

Pirates World: Sea of Treasure is an NFT game with an oracle-based economy, in which players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world.

Each player will be able to strategically create their crews, for this it will be necessary to mint pirates and ships, which will have a level of rarity that will give advantages in the expeditions to the 7 oceans.

Pirates World has high standards of integration to the different markets of NFT collectibles, so every NFT you have can be sold directly in the internal market as well as in the markets of the associated partners.

The expeditions you will face will be challenging, you will fight battles with bosses on the islands and at sea you will meet the Kraken who will be in charge of destroying your ships.

The Pirates World ecosystem will also feature special events such as the Guild War that will allow you to earn large amounts of RGOLD for your crew, you can also go in search of the pirate and the unique ship of each season through a special minting event.

Pirates World also wants to integrate to its ecosystem all possible metaverses, so you will find NFT collectibles museums soon in The Sandbox Metaverse.

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Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.

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Pirates World

Pirates World

Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships.

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