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As we face new challenges we are also expanding our horizons by incorporating new mechanisms and measures to diversify the income systems that belong to Pirates World. Considering the business’ expansion and growth, the name of our project has been put on the table to start a rebranding which will go side to side with a creation and / or update of the website. This will show the ecosystem towards which we will be moving and, at the same time, the game that will become a Play To Earn will be an extension of this. The ecosystem will be making the accession to many more services and the currency of governance will continue to be the Royal Gold (RGOLD) token.

Therefore, we have called it the Royal World ecosystem, which will include all the services offered to generate income to the project, Pirates World (PVP), GameFi Store, Royal Swap (DEX), Kraken Games, Advertising Service, Metaverse, among others. Below is the complete distribution of the family of products and services:

- Pirates World -> PVP

· PVP Ranked

  • Junior League
  • Senior League

· PVP Per Bet

· PVP Free To Play

· Scholarship System

· Tournament System

- GameFi Store

· NFT Marketplace

· Launchpads


· NFT Tier System

· Multi-chain

- Royal Swap -> DEX

· Swap

· Farm Pool

· Launchpool

· Liquidity

· Staking NFT

· Multi-chain

· Loan Functionalities

  • Kraken Games

· Looking For Kraky

· Pirates’ Tavern


· Royal Lottery

· Royal Casino

- Metaverse

· Royal Gold Central Park (Commercial Island)

. Rental System

· Land System

· Advertising System

All these products have the sole purpose to interconnect between them, so we will see cross-product functionalities, such as NFT staking in the swap platform to be able to participate in a GameFi Store Launchpad of a project. Also, to be part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial Node Offering (INO), or having to do RGOLD staking to be able to participate in a Metaverse event; so, infinite use cases.

Since the main focus is to come up with this versatility of uses for the token, our Royal Gold (RGOLD) token will remain for the time being as a governance token.

Transition to a more competitive and healthy mode for the ecosystem’ economy.

As an update to the game we will have the PVP mode in different modes that will be announced and implemented as we progress in the development of each one.

What is PVP?

It is the mode through which Pirates Wolrd users will go head to head in a mix of skill, a bit of luck and investment to access the rewards in tokens that this mode of entry will offer.

Skill: This will be an important factor in the game, since your determination to control your ship/pirate will offer you the possibility to implement a particular combat strategy and take advantage of it.

Luck: The battlefield will have its own dangers according to where you have to fight, there randomly these dangers will make the battle more entertaining and will also add a new variable to the possibility of victory.

Investment: You can level up the stats of your NFT, giving the possibility to each Pirate / ship to have unique skills compared to his opponent, the more rarity has the item you use the higher will be the improvement in the characteristics and better chance of performance in battle.

In this way this mechanism will be used to obtain the rewards by playing, and/or trading with the nfts in the Gamefi Store.

First Game Modes

Ranked mode with battle passes.

The Ranked mode, will be a seasonal event for which a list of players will be awarded through competition, a number of players will be chosen with the best score represented in the accumulation of points by number of victories achieved. The battle pass will be purchased in RGOLD which will allow access to the seasonal competition which must be renewed once it ends, the cost of the pass, as well as the amount of the award will be shared later and will depend in consideration of the potential number of players who enter to buy the pass.

The ranking mode guarantees the rewards in RGOLD since the prize will be obtained from a percentage of the purchase of the battle pass that will be distributed among the competitors, the rest of the percentage will be taken for the next season’s rewards and another one will be sent to the kraken to take it out of circulation. With this mechanism, a reward pool is not required for this modality to work. As development progresses and its operation is tested, more data will be shared.

Betting mode

The betting mode will be done through a pairing in which two people must leave a defined amount of tokens in a momentary pool of which most of it will go directly to the winner of the match and another percentage for the kraken vault, the main idea is that the pairings are made by rarity and the greater the rarity also greater the amount of tokens bet, the fights will be in fights equal to those of the ranking, but here you can not accumulate points for that mode. The value of the bet will be defined later.

Free to Play

We will have a free access mode which will not offer rewards, but where you can test the mechanics and competitiveness of the game, you can train and improve your skills (not stats, only ship manipulation skill) and thus be able to decide to enter the major leagues with those who venture to seek a better treasure.

This also opens up possibilities for non-crypto players, attracting both companies and gamers to participate in our pirates world.


What will happen to my NFTs?

Both NFT and RGOLD will be used in PVP.

When will we be able to enjoy the PVP?

You will be able to enjoy part of the pvp in Q2 2022.

How much will the Battle Pass cost?

The Battle Pass will have a fixed cost in RGOLD, which will be informed later and will be related to the number of players that will enter the modality.

What will happen with Click to earn?

This mode will stop giving rewards in RGOLD, the idea is that it will remain active, but will offer another type of rewards through which you can build items that improve the stats of the NFTS, these items can be placed for sale in the game fi store and will have their own rarity that determines the range of the amount in which a stat of an nft increases.

What will happen to the reward pool?

As soon as the pool is depleted the mode will go into transition mode towards the new mechanics by which the use of it is eliminated, the loot mode will remain in implementation of updates towards the new mechanics in which the game token will not be produced here.

How does this update help the economy?

While it has already been mentioned that the game economy works it is also true that this type of mechanics has generated a widespread rejection of new investors given the amount of reward generated, the low competitiveness and the ever increasing need to rely on a reward pool that when it comes to a deflationary token (less and less in circulation due to the existence of the kraken, prevents more tokens to be mined.

What will happen to the oracle?

The oracle will be removed from the game rewards, since in conjunction with the CTE game mode this has also gained a negative reputation, it will be removed from this part. However, the figure of the Kraken will remain active within the game’s Lore protecting its Vault and possibly as one of the dangers to be considered in the battle grounds.

What will happen with the Lands?

The Lands have an important role in the metaverse and their functionalities will be expanded, for the moment they are being repaired, but they will also be the place where the players will be able to manufacture the elements with which they can increase the stats of the nfts.

What can I do while waiting for pvp?

While we are in transition, you can use the mini-games, currently kraky is active. Looking for Kraky will have an update where users will be able to purchase tickets at a price of 10 RGOLD.

When we will be able to obtain more information?

The team will discuss each product in more detail in other medium posts in order to cover as much information as possible.

About Pirates World: Sea Of Treasure

One of the fundamental aspects of Pirates World is to conform a whole gamefi ecosystem through the web3 where users can make with their NFTs different experiences, from playing and earning rewards, sell collectibles or buy them, have fun with mini games like the Kraken Games, also being able to sell any kind of digital asset in our GameFi Store and that players are immersed in a completely decentralized Pirates World. The most ambitious stage of the project is to create a pirates metaverse on the Blockchain, where the player can do anything in his imagination, along with an economic system based on the real world.

The Pirates World ecosystem will be extensive as it will have special events such as Guild Wars as well as several different themed seasons per year where special ship and pirate minting events will be held with the possibility to get unique NFTs.

Also our Metaverse will have a land repair system called N.R.A.A.S. (NFT REPAIR AS A SERVICE), where owners will be able to offer NFT repair services to other users, generating passive income. In addition, marketing 3.0 will be implemented in different islands where there will be marketing spots, whether you are an influencer, youtuber or brand owner, your brand can be visible in our spots in the metaverse.

Also, these Lands will be a representation of the first steps in the Metaverse of Pirates World. In the future, in the Metaverse, users will be able to navigate and travel through the different islands, participate in Guild Wars, special events, PVP systems, trading, adventure mode and much more.

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